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We offer comprehensive support for an unlimited number of incidents covered by annual contracts.

Interactive Web-Based Support

For those times when we need to view your desktop, our support representative can remotely connect to a user's computer for troubleshooting purposes. The representative can then view the user's mouse movements to determine the source of the problem. If necessary, the representative may request control of the user's desktop (which the user may terminate at any time)to resolve the issue.

Service Request System

Our Service Request System allows incoming trouble ticket items to be correctly logged, assigned to the appropriate support representative and resolved in a timely manner. The customer submitting the trouble ticket is kept abreast of the status of the trouble ticket via email notifications. Users may also search on previous service request submissions and their resolution via the Point Systems website. Service requests may be submitted via email or the Point Systems website.

Accounting Integration Support

We also offer support for the initial configuration and ongoing support for integration with your accounting application. We have successfully integrated with many third party accounting applications.

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