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Features & Benefits

Receiving Agent Section

When an order arrives, a receiving agent is able to complete the ordering process with as little as two mouse clicks. An email is generated to the requisitioner stating the parts of the order that have arrived.

If an item needs to be returned to the vendor, the receiving agent can enter the return information and log the status of the return. Emails are sent to the requisitioner and a specified accounting person to note the change.

Line item accounts that require asset tags are entered here. Incomplete orders can be easily tracked and status logged.

Receiving Agent Highlights
  • NEW! Handheld Mobile Receiving with Frank™
  • Quick and Easy Receiving
  • Vendor Returns
  • Outstanding Items Report
  • Asset Tag Entry
  • Unit of Measure Conversion for Inventory Integrations
  • Requisitioner contact info readily available: room, phone, email
  Purchasing Agent

Point Purchasing significantly reduces manual processes and redundant paperwork, freeing your receiving agent to quickly receive shipments into the system and handle returns.

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