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Features & Benefits

Point Purchasing has two flexible deployment models: Standard Edition and Online Edition. Both models are accessible by users via a web browser. There is no additional desktop software that needs to be installed.

Point Purchasing Online Edition

For a small monthly fee you may elect to access Point Purchasing securely over the internet. Get your organization up and running within hours! Ideal for organizations that want to start using an electronic procurement system as quickly as possible, do not want the added expenses of maintaining their own server, or have users that are frequently travelling. Contact us for more information.

Point Purchasing Standard Edition

Point Purchasing Standard Edition resides on your company's intranet and is accessible to your organization. Your organization can use its own firewall to set access. Point Purchasing Standard Edition has a higher startup cost with little or no on-going costs. Because Point Purchasing Standard Edition is installed on your organization's network, it can implement many sophisticated integrations with accounting, ERP, CRM, inventory, HR, LDAP, Active Directory, etc. systems.

Server Requirements
  • Supports Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista, OpenBSD, MacOSX, Linux, FreeBSD, & More
  • Webserver running Apache or IIS
  • 1 GB Free Hard Drive Space
  • ODBC Accessible Data Source (tested on MySQL and PostgreSQL)
  System Requirements

Easy to Install
We can install Point Purchasing and get you up and running in less than a week, including an initial training session for your users.

To find out more about Point Purchasing, please call (866) POINT-68 or take a moment to fill out a CONTACT US FORM.

Runs on OpenBSD

Runs on GNU/Linux